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About the Photographer...

My name is Mohapi Chiloane, owner and professional photographer at GRAND EPiC PHOTOGRAPHY.

Photography has always been part of my life.  In January 2016, it didn't only turn out to be my passion, but my profession when I decided to venture into this amazing God-given talent as a self-taught professional photographer.  For me, taking photographs is more than a profession.  It's an experience,  a true lifelong passion.  I love to capture genuine moments and perfect  images in an interesting and unique way resulting in a final product that speaks to the client. 

It's been 5 amazing years, and there's no turning back.  My goal, to turn your moments into memories, frowns into smiles and make your present, an unforgettable experience!  Go ahead, book your session with


and have

 a grand epic eXpereince.